Guy Mezger Interview

New Guy Mezger Interview


good interview...bsf...i think the militia would approve of this


Awesome interview my ass!

Hows the training?
Hows the New Gym?
What do you do on your off time?
whats new in your life?

Fuck that shit, ask him how he is going to whoop tito, how he feels strength wise against tito, How his master Shamrock got stomped and is he going to avenge that loss for him? THat interview sucked balls. Sorry but just had to let you know. No trolling here.

Thanks guys glad most of you liked it.

WEIMDADDY1 thats fine also, everyone has an opinion.

I agree, that was a lackluster interview.
I've been wanting to hear more of Guy's insight on his upcoming what is different about him this time around that he thinks he can beat Tito.

Is this what Zuffa calls a main event now? A guy out of retirement to fight a guy who's lost his last few fights to guys like Couture and Liddell?

Zuffa, you have some great fights on the undercard. I hope this isn't a trend.

Guy says this is his last fight. For Tito, this is his last chance to get back in the hunt for the LHW title but by facing Guy is he doing that or again going for the big payday?

I think the interview was great... I haven't heard much out of Guy in a long time, and he is one of my favourite fighters. I'm really hoping he get's one more win on his record before he hangs up the gloves. I also don't want to see Tito in the title scene anymore because he isn't as original as he used to be. All I hear from him is "Let the beatings/punishment begin" and all his other smack talk.

TTT for Mezger


For the Record, I didnt ps it out, I found it on google as is. The black background worked best for me