Guy Owns Feminazi! (Vid)

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Guys a fuckin hero.

That dude dropped a bomb man hahahaha Phone Post 3.0

This bitch, trying to act that women dont compare engagement rings and other status symbols. Get the fuck outta here.

I want to cunt punch both of those woman.

Fucking laughed my ass off at that dudes last comment.

what's funny about it is she made it personal first in mentioning how his wife left him. He ignored the comment and didn't address it but then dropped the bomb at the end. And the personal attack he made, actually was done so to show a flaw in her logic rather than pure ad hominem. She was outraged and in disbelief, thinking he would never get that personal with her, despite the fact she had done so with him. She figured she would be able to personally insult him and he should never retaliate, because he is a man and she is a woman. The ironing is suffocating.

when confronted with a statement like "women compare engagemnet rings" the woman responds 'I don't know where you are meeting these women" about EVERYWHERE???

her response falls under the NAWALT category = Not All Women Are Like That

the ones I see with my own 2 eyes sure are!

I like how she tried to explain away the alimony with her kids.

Child support is for children, alimony is for you. Phone Post 3.0

LOLOLOLOL omfg. god bless his heart Phone Post 3.0

Ham and Egger - Guys a fuckin hero.


Fuck that, He's a God among men.


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Can't believe this shit was aired tv. That guy killed it though. Phone Post 3.0


He just buried her. LOL! That was brutal.

I suspect we'll keep seeing this video.