Guy punches Mayor for saying the N word

Fags and Juneteenthers.


Blacks and white liberals are a public health crisis.


Another Dindu getting away with assault.

Season 2 Reaction GIF by Insecure on HBO

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Next do Lori Lightfoot!


If you can punch the mayor with impunity what about the average white guy. I guess he can spend his white privilege bucks.

Looks like some African city

this lol


Trudeau next please

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Only if it’s a black man. I hope Canada pays him 10 million too

This is how you know you live in a dishonest society where facts are presented if they support a narrative and hidden if they counter that narrative.

If this was a white assailant and a black mayor it would be the end of the world. Politically motivated hate crime. Because it isn’t, it is purposefully ignored and downplayed.

Also, to be clear the guy who was punched is likely to be replaced by the guy whom was shot at by a black supremacist. He is the Democrat running for office in November. Louisville has been under Democratic control continuously since 1969.

Why are Democrats so dishonest about everything?


Don’t know the backstory here and don’t care about the politics…

But Holy Fucking Shit! That was one of the greatest stroll up and blast somebody sucker punches I have ever seen.

Dude brought the fucking heat!

“Hold this!”

I hope the mayor apologizes. He needs to check his privledge

It’s in their blood.

Dude was clearly oppressed, and was insulted by the mayor’s continued racism (which, if you know, is really dead on the truth).

Don’t get more racist than the Dems. Look into that history of you think D is the way to go. Party was born of racism. They envelope it.