Guy vs. Girl: Backyard MMA Fight

 Anybody see this vid yet:


 lol what a little bitch

 wow she's tough


better to be caught smothered under her tits than kicking her ass....

 she trains ufc

ZugZug - The only time people post girl vs guy fights are on the extremely rare occasions when the girl wins. Mostly it's because it was a mismatch to begin with.

This is annoying.

You prefer to watch guys beating up girls? I don't think there is any shortage of video on that, we're just not fucked up enough to post it here.

Man I was hoping he Ko'd her!

for ltr Phone Post

I got money on SisterSteel if that happens.

Damn I want to marry that woman


 That was hot.

4later Phone Post

DreamerMMA -  That was hot.

i was expecting overeem legkicking that one female reporter.

Hey someone who trains beat someone who never has, weird.

I think that although mostly lame that video can serve a purpose. Most girls I have talked to about training think that it is cool and all for a girl to train but she could only do it to get in shape and mostly compete against other girls. Few have the belief that it would allow them to actually be able to go against a male, they assume that no matter how much training they have, guys are just too strong. This vid at least provides anecdotal evidence to the contrary. I also like that it ended via ground and pound so that there is little doubt who was in control. If she had caught him in a sub there may have been some debate about the guy slamming his way out or maybe she just got lucky. There is no luck in obtaining and maintaining full mount and raining down pain.

She should of went no gi.