Guy VS Tito = HUGE Fight!!!!!

At this point in their careers, this fight couldn't be any more important to these guys. While the winner will put himself right back into the "top five" lightheavies, the loser will most likely NEVER headline a card again

We have all watched these two WARRIORS grow up right before our eyes and evolve into two of the baddest men on the planet. Now after all the smoke is clearing, it's sad to think one of them will be left behind.

Props to both for stepping up over the past few years and giving us fans some of the most exciting fighting action we could ever ask to see, against the most dangerous and very BEST fighters anywhere in the world.

Lets wish'em both the best of luck!

I can't friggin wait, got great seats too.

this fight is small time, tito hasn't won a fight in two years, and guy loses every to every name fighter he faces

Realistically, this fight is medium time.

Tito remains one of the best LHWs in the world. He has looked better against Couture than either Liddell or Belfort. His recent losses were only against other top LHWs. And he remains the best known draw in U.S. MMA other than Ken Shamrock.

Guy deserves to be back in MMA. He could be a great LHW. His skills are undeniable. And this match-up has a lot of backstory to it, going all the way back to UFC 13.

Overall, though, with the rest of the card being so stacked (Verissimo, Hughes, Trigg, St. Pierre, Tanner, etc.) the overall card is excellent.

Isn't Guy retiring after no matter what? Even if he wins I don't think that puts him in the top 5. Right now I would have Couture, Silva, Jackson Liddell,and Belfort ahead of both men. Maybe not Vitor I guess so maybe it is for the #5 spot.

I don't consider this fight to be too important to the overall picture in the light heavyweight div.

If Guy wins, he retires and Tito is pretty much finished.

If Tito wins, Guy retires and Tito will still have to win 2-3 more fights before being ranked in the top 5 again.

If I was Tito I wouldn't even take this fight, winning does nothing for him(except end his losing streak and maybe bring back some confidence), if he loses he drops completely off the scale in the LH div.

Huge fight for those guys but very few fans consider it huge.

It is not a headline fight to the fans. Actually myself and fans I know couldn't really care less about this one.

Not to bash the event, cause this event looks great overall.