Guy who ran over blm road blocker not face charges

It’s says he drove up on the sidewalk to hit him, but i just skinmed the article

Wonder what the reaction on the OG be if a Antifa driver ran over some MAGA people and got off scot free?

he lost his job for runing over those sjw retards
hope his car wasnt damaged

Well, that’s not right. Sidewalks are not for motor vehicles…

If they were in the street, 100% fuck them.

When was it? Last year some time. Bunch of Trump supporters blocked off one of the bridges in NY. Assholes, the lot of them.

Edit: my bad, it was the GSP they blocked off. Backed up traffic for five miles.

Good. Fuck assholes that do dumb shit in the streets.

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Oh nevermind, that was after he ran over the asshole blocking his car. I do like the added touch of saying he’s a white man even though the asshole he ran over was also white

I may have to go to jail one day. I made up my mind after seeing Reginald Denny get beaten into pudding, that I would never allow myself to be plucked out of my car by idiots. My truck is very powerful. I would drive right the fuck over those people.

Does not matter what kind of idiot they are. Patriot or BLM.


Don’t block roads. Maga people generally work for a living and don’t want other people to be late for work.

MAGA ppl, generally, don’t throw tantrums on hwys, impeding the lives of innocent motorists. If they did, I’d say the same thing…

Get the fuck out the road, shit dick!


If you’re in that situation just do what you need to do to get out of it safely (and not anything more, don’t act in anger or retaliation)… when you’re a safe distance away call into 911 and report the accident. Then go get legal representation. You’ll be fine.