Guys I'm getting ready for the WSOP.

Guys I'm getting ready to play at the world Series of Poker this year and I have been prepping with different books and tournaments live and on poker stars does anyone have any recomendations on some other good prepping material?
Sam Hoger

If you are one of the worse ones at the table, no offense, but your quote sounds like you aren't that good, go with the Kill Phil philosophy

 winning poker tounraments 1 hand at a time  vloume 1-2

EXCELLENT up to date tourney stratedgy books by some of the best young guys in the game

Im up here now !

Gl Sam

I read the Skalnasky book.

steal the blinds like they are beanies


tuna fish - steal the blinds like they are beanies


Sam, my advice is to beat all your opponents in Blackwater. $200 buy-in. You also unlock a scrap for one of the hidden outfits.

good luck