Guys That Pull 6 Figures , Post Your Jobs

Curious what some of you rich fuckers do for a living?


May serve as a good guide for the youngsters here too. 

Space Cowboy

Trim carpenter. Barely hitting 6 figures sure doesnt feel rich. Denver isn't cheap.

Programmer , ERP consultant, accountant.

The company that I work for sells, implements, customizes, and supports ERP software (accounting software basically).

I am a consultant that manages the transition from their previous system, and also a developer that will write customized modules for there specific needs.

Pretty exciting stuff.

I should add my degree was in computer science.

Was a lead power plant operator. Now I'm in grid control(transmission system operator). Trying my best to slide into a dispatcher position. 

Wölfie66 - I don't think rich means what you think it means

True. 6 figures in my area means you ball hard.


6 figures in San Fran, probably not so much.



Also if I could add post your background, schooling, technical training, apprenticeships , internships ECT.

I see so many posters that are like " I am 24 need a good paying job that pays at least $20/hr" without any explanation of there skillset.

Unfortunately not many entry level jobs that anyone can do pay $20 /hr.

Education is still important it doesn't have to be a university degree but you should somehow learn some skill or trade that the general public cannot do.

Attorney.   I make about minimum wage but work crazy long hours.  

HSE Manager, oilfield

I used to as an industrial electrician until oil prices shit the bed.

Zekolas - I should add my degree was in computer science.

Do you also have an accounting degree? Which accounting software do you implement? SAP?

Senior Economist for the Federal Government in Canada.

cyberc92 -
Zekolas - I should add my degree was in computer science.

Do you also have an accounting degree? Which accounting software do you implement? SAP?

My minor was in business and took a couple accounting classis but mostly learned the accounting side on the job.

We implement dynamics Line, mostly Dynamics AX for our larger customers and Dynamics GP for smaller customers and CRM but I really don't work with CRM much.

51SektionD50 - 

6 figures with the decimal? 


Cryogenic specialist at a liquefied natural gas plant for a utility.

I make gas into a cold liquid.

I sold enterprise software, made ~ $250-$380k a year.

My title won't mean a whole lot. Our company is converting IT/Business processes to a SAFE/AGILE Framework while concurrently going through some huge industry changing efforts. I work at the Value Stream level working to determine the 3-5 year roadmap, matching IT productivity to our business case, and trickling down Epics to individual teams. 


Undergrad is a double major in Economics and French, the French was just an excuse to do a semester abroad but does make for some great conversations in an interview. 


No internships, have about 9 years with my employer, the entirety of my post-college career. Key focus has been on data analytics and project management and it's gotten me here. Absolutely love what I do. 

Software Engineer. I could manage my money a lot better but I don't feel rich here in So Cal. 

Global head of networks for the trading floor for one of the biggest banks in the world.