Guys, this is sad, sad news


WWE's Stacy has recently told the Miami Herald ( that she has turned down an offer placed before her to pose for the famous Playboy Magazine:

"Just recently they asked me if I would pose for the March issue. I turned it down because that's not the way I want my career to go. It's just not something I want to do at this time in my life. Nothing against the girls who have done it because I think they look beautiful, and I think it's an incredibly sexy thing. It's just not something I want to do right now."

dammit to hell!!!!!!!


Meaning she is making decent jing, and give it another two years.

*cancels playboy sub*

Why has she destroyed our dreams?

Fuck it, how about an entire issue on the others rotties?

I like her other pics much more than the Stuff pics.

Find me her other pics, the GOOD ones!! The ones with her and Tori, Miss Hancock, or anything other than these Stuff pics. These just don't do her justice. She has such a pretty smile, as well as other things. :)

and with that bit of news...a small part of me has died...