Guys who don't have guns, what would you do if someone or a small group broke into your house high on drugs?

Just curious how you’d handle it…I added small group b/c that was my personal experience…

Id break his fuckin neck

I’d shoot him with the gun that got lost in the boating accident.


yeah this

imaginary double odd buck

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So you guarantee your physical superiority?

call the police


yes absolutely


Why’s that?

I did this too, or at least the girl I was living with did, they didn’t show up for like 15 minutes…


Probably run down to the kitchen and grab a stack of plates then run to the den.

I recently asked a friend of mine who has two kids this question after he told me he has no interest in owning a gun.

He paused, thought about it for a minute, then said “Well I have a club that’s kinda like a small baseball bat.”
“Where is it right now?”
“I think it’s next to the garage.”

Wtf is wrong with males who haven’t thought this through?
I’ve always had a concrete executable plan in my head since I was like 13.


Make him a gentlemanly offer of methamphetamines to vacate my dwelling.

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I’d turn on Du Hast, strip naked, shit in my hand, and start smearing poo all over myself while speaking in tongues


15 mins is pretty fast

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Not if they’re already in your house…How long do you think it takes for someone to do damage to you or a loved one? Also that’s a rough estimate.

It would’ve been crack in my case, but you might be on to something…

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lock yourself in your room while calling the police

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What if your kids are in another room?

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Tell that to Anthony Smith. He’s super lucky that dude didnt have a weapon.


I live in a one bedroom condo by myself so i’d probably ask if he wants to hang out.