Guys who get injured A LOT!

I used to hate guys who got injured a lot or will stop mid training when they get a muscle pull or some weak ass shit BUT now I have become one of those guys.

I just started training again and already hurt my back. Took a week off after trying to train and just making it worse.

Then I get back and 2nd day I break my damn finger. Its swoll and purple, and numb. Maybe a slight break or a good sprain. At least I didn't stop.

However I had to quite on my next sparring partner cause my back was hurting again.

Who hates guys like me or even worse, guys worse than me.

They call me "Mr. Glass"


A green namer humiliates me, great, everything was o'k until that happened.

No...... my training partners really do call me that.

Seperated Shoulder

2 knee surgeries, should of had a third.

Broken right hand.

Broken Nose.

Several intercostal strains.

AND FOR THE FINALE....I had Hip surgery last May!!

This shit hurts, man!

Hey, where can I get one of those, LOL!

this is going to be more painful than training injured.

Sounds like you might need one.

^^Naw...bring it on.

U haven't trained w/ GirthMonkey.


When I was 19 I fractured my right foot in a kickboxing match, and went and played volleyball the next day and sprained my left ankle bad! I had a black eye, a swollen lip, and 2 gimpy legs for the next week, but never went to the doctor. Now my right foot has this mountain like protrusion of bone on the instep.

That being said, I'm 32 and been out of comission since last Friday because of my lower back! I hate getting older :(!!!

Makes Randy Couture even more of a god. At 43 I will definitely have one of those evil knievel chairs.

I'm 32!!!

It's just that when I recovered from one injury some other injury occured.

The Hip was the end of it tho.

I haven't recovered :(

Now I promote :)


I'll be 30 this year and every bone cracks now, every muscle hurts more, my lower back goes out, my neck is in a constant pain from a surfing accident. My cardio is that of a 300 lb. obese person. Seriously, my body is like 60 years old.

^^I need that HGH bitches! That wheat grass crap just tastes like sh!t and makes my sh!t turn green! Oh, my poor aching back....I ate a big bag of Lays chips for lunch, feeling sorry for I feel fat and can't fack mma...I'm doing yoga for the next month...I want some fresh strawberry pie NOW dammit!!!

In the last 2 years I've broken a leg, done nerve damage to my sciatic and testicular nerves and now have a bulge in my c7 pinching the nerve in my right arm leaving it at half strength.. The injuires just rack up, they don't go away, you just end up dealing with them - sux.

This thread is making me cringe..

injuries suck. i was just out 6-8 weeks from a re-occurence of 2-herniated discs in my upper cervical spine. i was back a month & broke my hand.

i should be back grappling next week.

but i'm 50.

ROFL Joe. Mr Glass

^^Just give up and die dude! LOL!