Guys with daughters, how short is too short for shorts?

The daughter of a guy I work with - a self described conservative and real man - has his daughter at a work function at a brewery and she showed up with shorts that looked exactly like this


My question to you dads is, would you be OK with your daughter wearing shorts that expose her ass cheeks in public?


That is too short. I have a 15 year old daughter that wants to wear short shorts, so I understand the struggle.


Serious question (no homo)
Does anyone find underbutt hot?

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I do. Shoot me a PM.


That’s a weirdly unsexy underbutt. She kind of needs a better ass to pull that off. But to answer your question, I would try to raise my daughters to not seek out that kind of clothes. Fact is, you opposing it by that age isn’t going to do anything. It has to come from within.


Where does she want to wear them? I’m assuming she wears a bikini at the beach and you’re ok with it… so what public setting are you not comfortable with… not trying to be an ass… just curious… if 1000’s of people see her at the beach… but the sidewalk is no beuno?z

Dude, in a setting where everyone is covered minimally, no one is noticing or staring. In a setting where those parts are not usually on display it screams “check out my butt” and there are many people willing to oblige. The guy is not ok with his daughter dressing like a whore who is showing some goods to get attention from random passerby’s


the only solution is for conservatives to convert to Islam. You can’t have it both ways.


Love the plan: Dad converts, daughter gets stoned to death, problem solved.


My daughter will only wear long dresses. She wont wear men’s clothing or athletic gear like modern women think is appropriate.

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My daughter wears short shorts around the house and my wife has told her to go change. Leaving the house like that? I don’t even have to say anything, my wife will. But no, generally I don’t think it’s ok for girls under 18 to wear shorts that short in public. And I’m far from a prude, I just don’t want my underage daughter being ogled when we go someplace.


or they can just convert to Christianity.


glad to see the amish holding strong to their values.

How could it not be with the right chick? Not to be a total creeper, but the example pic op sent? I’d certainly shoot a glance. I’m old as hell, but that doesn’t matter. You see a good looking chick in short shorts walking by, they are being looked at. Nature dude, I’m looking every time. I wouldn’t deny it either. Little distracting, but that’s what the chick is probably going for.

I have a 6 yr old dtr, and the writing is on the wall . All fashion, all the time. She will try to pull this shit, but eventually living in the backyard might dissuade her.

Man it’s going to be tough to enforce the rules on my kid.

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Nothing of any value is given away for free but to each their own.


The bigger question is: ‘Wood you?’…



‘Will’ :joy:… man have I bad news for you. A mate in the UK has a 15 year old that called child services on him and his wife because they won’t allow her to wear what she wants… claiming she is ‘fearing for her life’. Child services came and told the parents YOU CAN ONLY SUGGEST, you cannot tell the kid what to do and what not.

We live in scary times

Perhaps he doesn’t allow the daughter to wear bathing suits that show too much?

Just a guess…