guys worth rooting against

here's the guys i hope never win a ring, or if they already have one, never win another.

Steve Francis. over-rated foulmouth.

Kenyon Martin, for his stupid antics. Stop wobbling about with your mouth open for manrod, bitch. Stop pulling your jersey to the side so we can all read that you're a 'bad ass yellow boy'. Stop acting a fool.

Karl Malone. Punk who cried his way through the '90s about not getting paid enough by the Jazz, then cried some more to get traded. If his bitch ass had taken only 1 million a couple of those seasons with Hornacek and Stockten in order to get some help, he'd already have his ring. Never forgave him for his bullshit elbows. Go to hell, fucker.

Earl Boykins. Everybody loves his ass because he's a midge, but he's really the most selfish point guard in the nba since Kenny Anderson's early years with the Nets.

Allen Iverson. Practice?

feel free to add your own.

Shaq talks too much shit, and Kobe is an adulterer/rapist. Payton has been crying like a little bitch all season, Phil is just starting his playoff whining, Derek Divac annoys me, and Karl is just a fucksuck. FUCK THE LAKERS!!!!!! :)

he's never struck me as the best on the ball defender. Best rebounding G, sure.

I always see him touted by both the media and fans as one of the top point guards in the league, but he takes bad shots and curses on national tv like Shaq-fu. Does he accept Van Gundy's coaching and plan of Yao-centric Rockets ball, or is he about to demand another change in scenery like he did with Vancouver?

Shaq talks too much shit, and Kobe is an adulterer/rapist. Payton has been crying like a little bitch all season, Phil is just starting his playoff whining, Derek Divac annoys me, and Karl is just a fucksuck. FUCK THE LAKERS!!!!!! :)Eat a dick you cocksmoker!!!


chris webber, peja, bibby, doug christie, vlade, bobby jackson, brad miller. =)

dan_w has taken $280,000 from the correct and then denied the shit out of it!

shaq, kobe, tmac, jason kidd, michael jordan, lebron james

Scott Layden

LMAO @ Homercles!!!!!!!

KG????? Why hate on him?? He's the fuckin shit.

Does he really?? I can't think of much, mabye I just missed it.

"They are only going to have to beat ONE worthy team whereas the Spurs or Lakers will have to beat at least TWO. (either other) then Wolves."

You're smoking a fat glass dick if you don't think the Wolves will have to beat at least two "worthy" teams, shit for brains. ;)

KG has always talked shit to Duncan, while never making anyone around him better. Guys like Marbury, Rasho and Joe Smith are doing better now than they were around a fool like him.

Hell, since 2000 Garnett has had the good fortune to play next to all-stars on his team, something Duncan hasn't had. But KG is still all the rage with his bullshit 20-point lead - minute and a half left Triple Doubles. Only good thing about KG was that Nike commercial where the players are hunting down fugitive refs with hunting dogs. KG leaned down to one of the dogs and asked, "What's up dog?" funny shit.

I don't begrudge Payton too much, Seattle didn't want him around anymore, so i don't blame him for going wherever.

The Nuggets aren't some worthy challenge. Any team in the top 5 would sweep the easily, and Memphis could beat them in 5.

Nene is an expert at turnovers, Camby only gets rebounds because he jumps, not because he puts a body on anyone and that leads to tons of second shot opps for the other team, because Nene sure as hell doesn't rebound. And disappearing Miller and selfish Boykins aren't leading anyone anywhere.

My point was that they Wolves would have to beat the Mavs or Kings before beating the Spurs or Lakers, and Brian is saying that the Kings aren't a worthy team. LMAO @ that. Kings won the series with the Lakers and split with the Spurs. I don't see how they aren't a worthy team, they're in the top 4.

all i know is that Sidney Green sucks.

Malone and Payton don't deserve oneYou sir are a retard

How can you say that KG doesnt make anyone better? Marbury is a journeyman who will get knocked out in 5 games, Rasho never was that good-Hes not extremely productive with San Antonio, Joe Smith is average. Surround KG with a bit of talent and he is the best player in the league hands down. Cassell and Spree have reenergized their careers with KG's help. Can you tell me Cassell would be just as good with Milwaukee? Spree with New York? That punk Marbury gave up possible rings to go to New Jersey. Just couldnt handle sharing the spotlight. I have respect for these guys but I root against them-Kobe, Karl Malone, Peja Stojakovich,C-Web, Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Ron Artest, Marbury, Vlade Divac, Brett Favre, Ahman Green, anyone remotely associated with the Green bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Mike Tyson,Steve Bertuzzi, Terrell Owens, Wisconsin Badgers Tiger Woods, and countless others. You can still respect someone and their abilities-but you dont necessarily have to like them.

Rasho is rebounding and blocking shots and playing help defense better than ever without KG yelling at him and sweating all over him. Joe Smith has had a much better year with the Bucks. And Marbury is better than with KG, though he's still a punk.

Cassell and Spreewell are just doing their things.