Gwiazdowski vs NDSU guy

Anybody see that clip of the reporter asking him questions right after he beat the dude 14-1? Lol! Wasn't even really breathing hard. Reporter: What's your biggest concern throughout this tourney? Gwiaz: Uh, not giving my best, I guess. Reporter: What do you think you opponents' biggest concern is? Gwiaz: I don't know, I don't have to wrestle myself. walks away at the next question without making eye contact

Lol, a lot of slack jaws would say this guys a dick but he just seems very focused. I've known a lot of wrestling and combat sports competitors that come across the same way but the truth is if you really know them and train with them they are amazing fascinating individuals, they are just not overly social and extremely focused and single track minded. Phone Post 3.0

Later during a different interview he was asked about his true freshman teammate an unseeded 141lber being on the big stage and what not. His response was "Jack just goes out there to fight, he doesn't give a shit" and then walked away again.... Nick G gives great interviews Phone Post 3.0