Gym bros bump shoulders, fight

Come to my Planet Fitness and try that sh!t, bro.

I’d pull the Lunk Alarm before a sucker could blink!


Maybe if he didn’t skip legs he could have stayed on his feet! :man_shrugging:

Black tried to avert

Red escalated

Missus embarrassed

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I love being in any dojo or martial arts school. They are my happy place. I feel relaxed being an MA gym of any kind.

But I can’t stand weightlifting gyms. Weird vibes.


In dojos, you actually get to release all that testosterone and everyone knows the pecking order based on actual skills and physical attributes.

In the gym, there’s just a lot of posturing around with no actual testosterone release!


At an MMA/BJJ gym everybody knows their place or is about to be taught their place and that’s understood.

At weight gyms dudes act alpha who have NO fucking concept of what alpha really is. As a person that trains it boggles your mind how one can walk around with a false sense of confidence, it gives you a “weird vibe” that someone can be that obtuse.

That’s my guess

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I think that’s actually a pretty good assessment!

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I’ll buy that for a dollar

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Classic case of “come at me bro!!!”

Pretty much sums it up. Sweat pants was definitely looking for a challenge, albeit in a casual way, and red-shirt decided he wanted a shot at the title.

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Gym bro Slice.


Fuck gyms period!

When someone bumps me like that I always apologize and smile like it was my fault. I let them get confident. The mamba never chases the mouse, he always waits for the right time to strike. I have KO’d so many people doing this.

Plus it can be used to diffuse if the guy whips out a piece.

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