Gym Challenges

Last weekend a guy came in my gym saying that he trained in Snow Tiger Kung Fu with some submission grappling also, trained for 4 years. This was in front of my students. I put on a striking and grappling clinic with this fool, but I guess my question is "Do guys do this all the time?, Why do guys that suck think they are good? There is another guy who came by today saying he has fought in 40 backyard brawls and is coming back to spar next weekend. I am a new owner of a gym so should I expect this on a regular basis?

There's a neverending line of self deluded fools.

Take them for what they are, pure entertainment.

make sure they sign waivers.

encourage them to keep coming and record it and post plz

thank you

I've never seen this or heard of this in any of the gyms that I or my friends train at (boxing, BJJ, muay thai), and I have no idea why not. Then again, I've also never heard anyone at a bar/party claim to be a UFC fighter, so none of the most common UG experiences ever seem to happen to me.