Gym douche

There was a guy at the gym today wearing flip flops, had a Mohawk and was wearing sunglasses also had one of those shirts that's cut all the way down on the sides...
What's the douchiest thing you've seen?

And no pics ? For shame guerra ! Phone Post 3.0

Same dude but stinks up the place with protein farts and spends most of time in front of mirror rather than working out. Phone Post 3.0

A guy make a thread without pics talking shit about people we don't know, and is himself someone we don't know.

Aaronrodgers=GOAT - And no pics ? For shame guerra ! Phone Post 3.0

I see him quite a bit haha I'll take pics and he's always taking gym selfies so I'm sure I'll find ine

A dude was going full retard listening to DMX at the gym today.

Yoga pants.

I don't wanna see your cock and balls and the inside of your sculpted ass cheeks.

Super low tank tops, man nipples aren't on my list of things to see at the gym.