Gym in St. Louis.?

My friend is moving to St. Louis, Missouri.. and was told Absoulte Martial Arts is a great gym to train at. Is this a good gym? And if not what is a good gym for MMA/jiujitsu/kickboxing in St. Louis?

Thanks in advance. Phone Post

kyle watsons gym

Absolute is good. For BJJ, I'd highly recommend Watson BJJ. Kyle is an awesome guy and great teacher. For the full tilt, Finney's is good.

Tyrone Woodley has a Gym off of Manchester Rd but the name escapes me at the moment. Phone Post

SCMMA(Saint Charles) is the best gym in the area. Has quite a few Black Belts under Rodrigo Vaghi(Rickson Gracie). LEGIT mma fighters! Josh Sampo, Alp Ozkillic, E.J Brooks, Lance Benoist, Matt Ricehouse, Zach Freeman.

Everyone knows that its THE gym to train at. Great Mauy Tai, BJJ, Wrestling and mma in General. Head coach is Mike Rogers. You won't be disappointed.

Tyron's gym is ATT Revolution and he came from SCMMA. Phone Post 3.0

I trained at absolute for a year. I wouldnt train there again if they paid me..either fit or fight with steve berger(ufc vet) or scmma. Watsons would be good also. Stay away from finneys and they will be good. Phone Post

Along with Scmma, Fit or Fight and Watsons are both great schools. Fit or Fight has Berger(class act dude) and Steven Dittrich(A COD animal) Lol Phone Post 3.0

Wherever Luigi fioravanti is training/ teaching at is good enough for me.

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This was very helpful thanks Phone Post

Woodley also has an ATT affiliate out there.

Vaghi's is still in Fenton. Woodley's is ATT Evolution in Manchester I believe. If I'm not not mistaken Luigi is splitting time between Vaghi's and Finney's.

STL is blessed with having numerous LEGIT gyms. For all your "UFC" training needs. Phone Post 3.0

BJJ Lifestyle Academy - Mike Rethmeyer
5308 North Belt West, Belleville, Illinois 62226
(314) 780-4222

I think that Harold "Little Man" Petty is training boxers in St. Louis. He's a bright guy and was an outstanding boxer. If you're looking for boxing, it's a name to keep in mind.

I was at Watson's two years ago during the NCAA's Great Guy, Super Instruction, place had a great vibe!