Gym security beaten to death. Wrongful?

No charges yet. For what it’s worth, I don’t think fatty should have been instigating them. He certainly didn’t need to follow them out and begin pushing.

solid camera work right there


That ceiling looks real nice.

It WAS good work if he didn’t want to incriminate any of these guys though.

Escorting them out, fine. Following them outside… nope. But that doesn’t deserve death!


It looked like he escorted them out of the basketball court and into the gym area

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I am sure the facility likely has multiple cameras that covered the assault.

Yeah, they were still inside the gym. The push was probably unnecessary as they were following the orders. But that didnt warrant a jumping. I am going to guess there will be charges.

In before white supremacist comments

What a rich and vibrant culture.

Hard for us to determine what is right or wrong in this situation since we haven’t “lived their experience”. I would say the security guard should not have pushed them out the door and they might not have attacked him.


True. Still shouldn’t have shoved the guys. They were just asking for a reason to fight him, then he gave it to them.

To be fair they showed zero signs of attacking him before that. And the beating was quick. Of course if you soccer kick multiple times a prone and probably already KOed, you’re scum and there can be deadly consequences. But I don’t think they had intentions #1 to attack him until he got physical first #2 to kill him. 4-7 years in jail for them likely, and one dead man. All over a super minor thing.

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I can connect that. White supremacy built a gym of privilege that people have to pay to join. Black people dont have money so they have to sneak in. White supremacy hires black security to regulate black people with no money. Black people resent it and beat black security guard to death.


I am surprised that the guard didn’t know better than to push his luck the way he did. I am sure he grew up with guys like that and knew that the situation could go south in a hurry and end in him being the victim of a gang-beating.

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Looks like the one in the white t-shirt KO’d him, he falls flat on his face, and then they proceed to kick and stomp his head while he’s down for several seconds. COVID gets another one.


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Did he yell “ I can’t breath”?

The worst part was him laying dead with his whole ass crack hanging out.

Looks like he put his hands on them first. Justified.

fat albert probably died from a heart attack

for fucks sake if that guy broke his leg gravy would pour out

keep your hands to yourself, fatty

I’m not sayin it was Wypipo

But it was Wypipo