Gym security beaten to death. Wrongful?

shouldn’t have escalated…

but I wouldn’t go to a gym that needs security.

Didn’t thinl of this one

Once living a big city, I only paid $100 for a full year gym access. It was run down, old stuff, but still, quite the deal. Yeah over half the trainees were Blacks, and I admit I was shocked they never put the weights back in place. It was chaos. Finding a matching pair of dumbells was an exercice in itself ha ha. No violence at all though, nor guards, and in the end, we all got fucked as the gym closed 6 weeks later ha ha. They took the money and ran.

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Fucking white supremacists

He yelled that when he tied his shoes


Did anybody get somebody?

That’s what happens when you mistake fat for tough. Even if he wasn’t out when he hit the ground, it would have taken him some serious effort just to get back on his feet and he’d be wheezing and sweating the whole time. Not much of a security guard, or would you feel “secure” with him standing guard? You’d think that with all of the gym equipment at his disposal he’d have figured out how to use some of it by now but he seemed to rely on his weight alone and reality had other plans. I’m sure the other guys will catch some charges over it, but that guy was out of his element and asked for a beating.

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What you didnt see off-cam. it was a white dude.



This highlights the absurdity of the argument “he was unarmed. Lethal force was not necessary”. I hear this mostly from ppl who are completely ignorant to the possibilities of hand to hand combat. In any case, RIP. I can’t think of many things worse than dying while on the clock at a shit job.

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thought I had an update. ignore this


Props to the cameraman for actually intervening instead of just filming.

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If Oprah had a son …

Shit hole trash will trash!

It blows me away how much of America is essentially a 3rd world country and nobody seems to notice let alone care!


if you say anything you are a nazi…who deserves to be fired, ostracized,attacked, beaten and worse…

Why the fuck would a gym hire that fat fuck for security?

The question is why a workout gym needs Security in the first place? We know the answer but solving the actual root cause wouldn’t be nice so let’s do a collective shrug and move on. Next…

Wonder how much fitness connection is going to have to pay?