Gyms in/near Olympia, Washington?

A woman at my gym is trasferring to Evergreen State College. She is loking for an MMA gym in or near Olympia, WA. I wold be v grateful for any recomendations. She is not afraid of training hard.

ttts kindly appreciated :-)

Where is Olympia in relation to Seattle? I know a place in Seattle where she could train...Judo, Sambo, Mongolian Folk Wrestling, and JuJitsu. It is a small but very good club. No egos, hard training.

Sambosteve, where is the sambo club? Do they have a website? Contact info?

Oly is 1 hour south of Seattle without traffic. Only club I know of down there is Hallman's Victory Athletics. They are fairly active in the local mma scene. You could learn a lot there.


In Tacoma:

SamboSteve- wtf "mongolian folk wrestling"? lOl

A Marcelo Alonso Brown Belt is teaching at Brian Johnson Kickboxing in the Olympia Area. They moved location last I heard , but both stand-up and grappling there is good.

SMOKER, who is the brown belt?

Aaron Fields has his club there...a small but very good one. Just folks who want to train hard. Not commercial at all. I hope he does not mind my publicizing it. I don't know how much MMA they do though. The website is:
The old style pics on the site are awsome...check it out.


As funny as it may sound, Mongolia and other countries of that region are HUGE wrestlers (physically and enthusiastically) and have a very long history in wrestling sports. In fact they often win international major sambo tournaments. I am sure some wrestlers or judo players out there may also be able to comment. One of Mongolia's three traditional sports is a type of jacket wrestling (in addition to archery and horseback riding). It is very interesting to watch. There is a ton of info about it out there if you look.

Aaron has submitted two articles about his experience living and training in Mongolia for our monthly e-newsletter.

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brian johnson moved a couple of blocks from the origianl building. got some family that train there and says its pretty good.

Robert Owen is the Brown Belt. I don't know how often he teaches there but even if he is not there Brian Johnson is awsome. I will be moving back to lacey here in a year and that is where I'll train on the weekdays and go to Marcelo's on saturdays if he ever comes back from Brazil.



Aaron Fields is very much a non MMA instructor. I trained under him when he first came to seattle from Bellingham. He discouraged all my interest in MMA. He is a great instructo and a very nice guy. He's just not the most open minded when it comed to MMA.

I moved on to AMC, if you want MMA in Washington AMC and Marcelo ALonzo GJJ are the Places to Train.

What were his feelings about MMA? What time period are you talking about? I have never met him in person but have spoken on the phone and e-chatted many times. I never percieved him to be closed minded - if fact, quite the opposite. We never did discuss MMA though.

I realize that he should really be able to speak for himself but, Just curious. I will certainly bring it up with him next time we chat.


Seattle is NOT feasible for someone in Oly, unless you're working in Seattle and living in Oly.

Seattle is doable from Olympia, it just isn't the best drive in the world. It is probably a 25 minute drive depending on traffic and time of day and how far south you are.

It's tough to find a solid gym in Olympia because gyms are constantly opening and closing. Hallman's gym I believe is more mobile now and he doesn't necessarily stay just in Olympia. Not about Brian's place but that is worth checking out.

Depending on your willingness to drive Seattle or the AMC in Kirkland are you best bets.

If she's going to Evergreen, please try to make her understand that judo won't protect her from bulldozers should she choose to lie down in front of one.

Kirik, Victory Athletics is located about 45 seconds from the evergreen state college. We are a fight team that trains for competition but we have a few greeners that train there, not to compete but because they love the sport. Have her email me Dennis Hallman

Dennis THANK YOU so much. It is forwarded.