Gyms in South Tokyo

Does anyone know of a good gym in south west Tokyo, I currently live at a place called Otorii, which is reasonably close to Sinagawa?

I'm currently training with Yuki Nakai at Egota but the hour or more each way travelling is a bit excessive especially as the gym is so packed I might only get to roll once or twice on busy days.

I went and checked out the P Lab in Yokohama and they seemed friendly enough, and it will be probably be my choice if nothing new comes up, but it's still 40mins and almost $5 each way in travelling.

LOL @ being stingy over a $5 train ride.

I will give you the advice I got from a good buddy when I recently moved to Kanto and asked him about which gym he personally reccomended.

"Well __________ gym is really good, but really what difference does it make? Whatever gym you train at if you go everyday and give 100% you will become good.
Maybe somewhere closer, rather than further is better."

Seemed like sense to me.

I guess it also depends what you wanna specifically wanna do - on this thread Grappling gyms, MMA gyms and BJJ gyms have all been mentioned in the same breath.
Naturally, although there is some crossover they all have areas of focus.
Finally if you don't have decent Japanese and you actually wanna pick something up - your best at a place that has people that can and don't mind speaking a little English.


$5 x 2, 5-6 days a week, 4 weeks a month is around $250 a month which at least to me is a relevant amount. The problem was as much the time factor as it was taking me 3 hours a day in travelling to get there and back, which was a definie demtivator.
Regardless having been to WKs for a week now I'm pretty happy and shall continue training there for the time being...

Thanks for the advice everyone..


men...egota is way too far from Otorii.
there is a amazing gym in Omori which is called"AACC".
it takes less 30min from your place.

I actually train there.

Thats at Gold's Gym right? do they have any standup classes? I'm pretty happy with where I'm training my grappling at the moment (and my knee being messed up means I'll be out for a little bit), but am looking for a striking class. I've actually moved to Omori now, so I walk past Gold's every day and keep meaning to drop in...

they do have a MMA class on monday and thursday and saturday. on tuesday they teach kickboxing, and on wednesday and friday they teach jiu-jitsu(gi).