Do you guys think you really need a pro gym? I am thinking about joining a gym simply to get access to all the different apparatus but I'm starting to think it's not really worth it. Is there anything I would be able to do in the gym that I can't do at home? I mean, I don't want to spend loads of cash on a huge home gym, but I can a afford a basic weights bench etc.

On top of the cost, I prefer to work out in private. I am more focused that way.

You can't check out cardio kickboxing chicks your home gym.

True, but I have LimeWire.

You can get plenty strong with just a barbell and some plates. You don't even really need that much if you want to get creative.

I think the gym is only worth it if it helps with motivation or you have good training partners there.


Thanks for the advice.

I don't think the gym helps me with my focus at all - I find it distracting if anything. I think a combo of weights and Scrapper's stuff at home should be enough.

The problem I see when people workout at home is workouts can be stagnant. When you have limited equipement you have limited number of exercises you can do or that you like to do.

I find that at a gym I sometimes work out extra hard, in an unsuccessful attempt to impress the cardio kickboxing ladies.