H.I.I.T. books?

Hello all,

I was wondering if there are any books out there that goes in depth about the theory of HIIT. I am already doing Taku's interval and they are helping tremendously. But it would be cool if I heard other opinions as well.



I am currently working on a book and a web-site that will featue this type of training heavily.


P.S. I'll keep you all posted.

What is "featue"? Is this some sort of secret training term you haven't shared with me? You better call me by this weekend focker, I've got a good sized list of exercises for the Interval video.


Check out Taku's World Famous Intervals article on my site: Taku's Intervals

And stay tuned for the upcoming HIIT video Taku and I are working on.


Scrap, is the Video going to be available on DVD? Also, I know you mentioned it earlier, but will there be audio CD's with this?


Thanks for the replies. I will stayed tuned for that book.

I am curious about Tabato though, I tried to look it up at amazon but couldn't find anything about interval training. Just that TMA book.

I am curious about Tabato though

It's Tabata specifically Izumi Tabata. Here's some basic information.