h&k or kimber?

I sold my kimber about 3 years ago because i was often in the swamp getting it wet...I complained about how the kimber was heavy with a loaded mag etc. Well, i then purchased a glock 23. WRONG solution. The glock is a great piece but Now i want the feel of steel back in my hand. Should i go with another Kimber (custom or eclipse) or with an H&K? I feel that i should go with the kimber since they both are around 800 dollars..help please?

off the top of my head, I'd say the HK has as much steel in it as the Glock. If you really want heft then the 1911 is what you should go for. Me, for a swamp? A Glock with maritime cups would be close to ideal... and I don't own a Glock... only a USP .45 and P7M8.

further, there are other good manufacturers besides kimber to look at, I guess it depends on what you are looking for. The mil spec springfields and new rollmark colts seem to be great buys right now and you can always add on to them.

the easy way out of this is to just go with what fits your hand best and what you can shoot fastest/most accurately with. If it's a 1911, so be it. With a good belt you will be able to distribute the weight just fine. But I wouldn't want to go trodding through swamps with one... especially in condition 1 where the slimp could get in.

different tools, different jobs. I dig 1911s and USPs but it's tough to beat a glock for your application.


thanks bud


I own a Springfield fully loaded, great gun, Springfields are for those who couldnt afford a Kimber.
Go Kimber.



My vote would have to be a Kimber Custom-original series if you can find it, and then tinker with it and make fit your wants and needs once you've shot it a bit.