H. Yoshida?

You get to roll with him yet Enson? Also, when do Kato or Kid fight again?

sorry to hijack the thread..:) but Kato and enson are fighting on the 10th of january here on guam..
can't wait...

BredPure, makes me wish I was home. I heard Enson may be fighting Nishida. Who is Kato supposed to be fighting?

Nishida is out of his mind challenging Enson. I guess he had so much fun the first time and then fun with John Calvo so much, he just had to have some more.


YamatoDamashi, I'm just happy that there is someone dumb enough to fight Enson. So who's the "lucky" one fighting Kato?

Hey what is the name of this event? Is this a new Jungle Rules?

its called FURY

TeamFokai1..Adam Lynn is scheduled to fight Kato
Chris Brennans brother Zack is gonna make his MMA debut also, i'm not sure who he is gonna fight.

Thanks for the info, dm671. Good to see a quality guy fighting Kato, although, it should be Chris Brennan himself. Has the card been finalized?

I'm not sure if the card is finalized. If Chris were to fight i'm pretty sure it'll be exciting, but I know he(Chris Brennan)will be there to support his team, and he plans on holding a seminar at the PUREBRED GYM. Where are you located TeamFokai1 ? I'm out here in California, so i'm only getting info from the fighters themselves, through the forums and what i read on the Guam news media..

dm671, thanks for the info. I'm in Texas. I feel out of the loop over here. The boys and I keep in touch but not nearly enough. Hopefully someone can post the finalized card.

Cool bro.. I'll try and get more info from my cousin in law, he supposed to fight at the Fury event. laterzz..

Dan, What's up! Sorry to be so out of touch with you. Hope this brings you up to speed. Jan 10th is the date for FURY a Budwieser event that is being put together by Roman. The card includes Enson VS. Nishida Kato VS. Adam Lynn two other fighters from Purebred Gym some from 808 Fight Factory and Grappling Unlimited. Jan 17 is the date for PXC Showdown, an event sponsored by Miller and is being put together by Joey Calvo and Eli. Dansevern VS. Ray Serrielle and Manny Chong VS. Yours truly Bert. Also some guys from Next Generation and Grappling Unlimited and Jesus is Lord. Email me at sroberto@g-phone.net and I'll bring you up to speed.

Bert! Good luck with your fight and thanks for the update! I KNOW you'll be ready. Manny has got some heavy hands but I know he can't hang with you on the ground. I tried to get a hold of you yesterday but your phone didn't pick up. I'll try again tonight.

Sounds like a lot of good fights on both cards! Man, I wish I was home! With Enson and Kato, the training must be INTENSE.