H2 Hummer in Regina/UFC Decal

So I was on my way home from Regina yesterday and I notice and H2 Hummer on the other lane. Nothing weird about that as there are a few around the city. However this one had a UFC emblem on the back window and also had a KTFO emblem as well. There was some other sticker but I didn't see what it was. It was different seeing mma stickers being repped. Was just wondering if any locals know who it is or if they have seen it driving around the city?

My report has it that Flexxx was in fact in Regina yesterday for a signing.

It was Randy taking the scenic route on the way to visit Dougie

Could be Rob Hornsberger. He owns Bite Me Big Dog fight wear.

Makes some nice clothes. He was the rep for KTFO in Canada at one
time I believe. Good guy and great sponsor. (Shameless Plug).

Randy is always showing up at my place and eating green things in my fridge.

Is Flexxx allowed to drop over and eat stuff - green or no - from your fridge? If not, why not?

He's not. Mostly because he keeps hitting on me and while I am not homophobic, Flexx is just creepy about it.

I see. O.K. . . . well . . . how about Flexxx dropping by to tend your pets. Got any of those? I will tell him to stay out of the fridge.

Yes thats Rob Hornsberger. He does own BiteMe Bigdog fight wear and hes also my sponsor. His web site will be launched this month and you can see who hes all sponsoring.

Flexx is not allowed at my house.

Well I guess that's who it was, figured someone on here would know who it was. The third sticker was the "big dawg" one I think but I didn't get a good look at it. It was a nice ride, the mma's stickers are what definitely caught my eye. Interestingly enough the first thing that I thought of after seeing an H2 with UFC decals was Chuck and Randy's from TUF. I then thought wtf would they be doing and Regina and figured it had to be some fans.

Yes, that was definitely Flexxx in Regina - meeting with his fans. He is good that way.


If I understand your post, you would like Flexxx to drop by the house, but with a little notice first. Done!!

ttt for the DAWG