Haak Lung Chuan Fa Kemp

Does anybody know this style of Kempo? How does it differ of other styles of Kempo?

as a general note, nothing is funnier than dumb Americans who don't know enough about Chinese to know not to mix DIFFERENT DIALECTS in their style names. Then of course the really dumb ones mix DIFFERENT LANGUAGES

"Cantonese, Cantonese, MANDARIN, MANDARIN, Japanese"

oh, forgot to mention

"Chuan Fa" and "Kenpo" are the SAME DAMN WORDS!!!!

David is correct. I remember going to a lot of tournaments in the 80s and LMFAO at the Chinese some of these people would use (on their bright green Gi tops over black hakama, no less, while doing hip grinds in the middle of some lame made-up form).

Budo Wushu Jutsu is another all time classic.

The question is has anybody heard of this style of kempo?

put it this way, would you go to

"chumpions pugilist boxing boxeo gym gymnasium training center" ??