In one of my classes we are studying Habermas right now. 2 things are holding me back from understanding him right now...

1)I'm not reading the required material. It to long and difficult, and since I am not going to be tested on it seems pointless to struggle through it.

2)I am not paying attention to the lecture, i am busy in class either daydreaming or flirting with the hot girl who sits next to me.

Does anyone here have a good grasp on Habermas? What he is all about? Is he correct?

sorry, can´t help you, haven´t read him. but lol @ not paying attention in class AND not doing your homework

A little more info would be useful. What is the course about; what aspect of his work are you looking at; do you know if you are looking at his later or early works; what texts of his are on the reading list? Myself, or some else maybe able to help if you give us a better idea of what you are trying to find out.

He is a discourse theoretic political philosopher.

That was my 0.002c