Habs done

Lightning sweep

Montreal should have won the last 3 games.... but a few bonehead moves a game are all a team like Tampa Bay needs

Good season for the Habs though, who would have thought they would be here at the start of the season..... and you can be guaranteed that Gainey will make some moves this offseason

Tampa Bay will get slaughtered by Philly or Toronto, the lightning can't handle any goon tactics.. if montreal can get under thier skin they will be finished against thier next opponent

So far everyone has played Tampa's game.... hit them, stick them, goon them, grind them down and they are finished

Philly and Toronto both play that game

Not this years Philly. This years Flyers are a disgrace to ANY Flyers team in the years past.

Woo hoo, na na na na, na na na na...you know the rest.