Hackers hit food pipeline

So is it still a private company issue or should the American government get involved now? I think anyone with any common sense knew this was coming after the White House conveniently decided the Colonial pipeline hack was a private company matter. When they hit our energy sectors and now our food pipeline, at what point does the government admit this is more than just the a matter between the hackers and private industry… This is our infrastructure and an act of war.


In for more understanding

You can hack anything these days.
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Biden’s America!


sorry what does this have to do with gender equality or trans rights?



And tacitly ignored by admin because the targets so far are aligned with what they see as “problematic” industries on the wrong side of the green new deal.


Thankfully, we are replacing traditional infrastructure with care infrastructure! Who needs meat when we will have government-issued Impossible burgers with a side of white privilege rehabilitation?


First they came for Kools.
But I don’t smoke so I said nothing…


I’m looking into this JBS hack, but I know that our administration’s response to the pipeline hack was fucking ridiculous.

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thats because your administration is ridiculous
(and corrupt)


So JBS is a Brazilian company with subsidiaries through acquisition in the US?.. Well, hurray for globalization. Anyway, they’re making it sound like they will come back online much sooner than the pipeline fiasco, but we will see. If they actually paid the hackers…

Surprised to hear that a processor in Greeley is owned by a Brazilian company.

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Even better is how they fucked over all the Mexican laborers they smuggled in as soon as tax incentives turned to African immigrants.

Jbs is one of the most destructive companies allowed into the us.

And it is probably more blame on the Republicans than dems.


Most processors a shitty on that scale.

Remember when everyone got mad when ins raided in Minnesota and shut down about the same amount of production?

Literally, nobody wants to know how the sausage is made. They just want their big Mac

I can’t argue that one.

Not My Republicans

Well this is a convenient excuse for the democrats to explain why prices are going up across the board. Almost like it was planned. How in the hell were the republicans able to accurately guess all these immediate problems for our economy. Witchcraft I tell ya!

I’m sure when this all blows over they’ll reset the prices back to a normal level. I doubt they want to collect all that excess sales tax money for too long.

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The party of compassion

Montfort is gardner and gardner is bush.

And then Cheney is wyoming. And this is how the establishment stays in charge…