Hacking ISIS

So I hear a lot about how ISIS is really more advanced than past terror groups and that they have more control over their output of media and planning within their fucked up group of psychopaths. But isn't there some motivated kid from Nebraska or Russia or somewhere that is smart enough to completely fuck with them? I couldnt some guy on 4 chan or the deepweb or any of those other places where computer savvy people electronically congregate get together and attack their communication points with funny cat pictures or mcdonalds menu lists or something? I mean maybe the computer elite could turn their sprinklers on or something. Just hoping more people figure out a way to slow those pyschos down. Phone Post 3.0

or cut them off from their money, then order them to unknowingly suicide-bomb each other

Dude the middle east doesn't have internet lol

I don't know I just hope if people have the skills they could help. Phone Post 3.0

The Jester is all over them. Just recently he posted evidence they infiltrated anonymous 2 years ago. He is by far the most effective counter terrorist on the Internet.

Well might be kind of hard. They are well financially backed.

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Jhay -

Dude the middle east doesn't have internet lol

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Jhay vu you buddy. I just didnt wanna tell you... the app gave me away. Phone Post 3.0

If you really want to mess with them you need to spread the word around the herds that they carry goat STDs. Phone Post 3.0

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