Hackintosh advice

I’m in the process of researching building a hackintosh. Have any of you here got any experience in this world, and would be happy to review my considered parts? And give me some advice? 
I’m in the subreddit, gone through Tonymacx86 site, though I’d love to get a one on one with some good, experienced PC folk from around here if possible. 

What are you going to use it for? 

If it's just a hobbyist build, your hardware won't really matter, you're just installing a proprietary OS. If you're doing a virtual machine with windows, I'd get least at least an 8c/16t CPU above 3.5 GHZ and 32 GB ram. What GPU?

I'd be careful with adopting PCIE 4.0, MAC OS may not recognize it yet.


I've kicked around the idea of doing it myself.  

I had it on my laptop, worked fine. Had some compromises as the hardware wasn’t perfect. Internal WiFi wouldn’t work so I had to use an external USB for WiFi. Battary also was a bit worse than windows but aside from that pretty much perfect. 


I came from a Mac so I really wanted to keep OS X but to be honest, I’m used to using windows again I don’t really miss OS X