Had a Dream About Cerrone vs. Diaz..

Was a very entertaining fight. Both kept it standing and bloodied each other up. Cerrone eventually starts beating Nate in every exchange until he lands a combo, drops Nate, lands in guard, overcommits with punches and Nate sets in an armbar and submits Cowboy!! Still pulling for Cowboy though. This can only mean I am Nostradomus. Phone Post

Or it can mean you're dying to bump this thread tomorrow in hopes you're correct.

Btw, I think Cerrone wins by leg kicks.

=) Phone Post

LOL @ dreaming about a fight

Cerrone is going to take Nate's lunch money.

I still think Cerrone is going to win by tko. However, a submission win by Diaz like I described isn't too far fetched.. Phone Post

I once had a dream that Rampage leg kicked Evans perfectly on the side of the knee and Evans lower leg fell right off. Suga was laying there screaming with his lower leg off to the side somewhere. Still haunts me man.

Cerrone trains with Joe Daddy Stevenson... and we all know how Stevenson vs Diaz went down.... =) Phone Post

Lmao. That's one hell of a dream. Phone Post

Yes, to conclude my brilliant revelations, I awoke midway through Joe Rogans post-fight interview of an ecstatic Nate Diaz sexually exhausted and covered in my own sticky love nectar. Phone Post

Cowboy got 209'd Phone Post