Had a dream about Reem vs Werdum

 So, as the title explains, I had a dream about the Reem/Werdum fight that is scheduled for the first round of the Strikeforce HW tourney. It went a little something like this

Round 1 begins, Reem and Werdum feel each other out for a few moments before Reem starts working the jab. Werdum tries to counter but is met by a Reem headkick and is dropped. Reem pounces, landing brutal GnP while Werdum is in survival mode. Eventually, Werdum regains his composure and full guard, but keeps eating shots while trying to work from the bottom. End of Round 1

Round 2, Reem starts fast, and charges at an obviously battered Werdum, He lands a few flush knees and Werdum is down again, Reem leaps into GnP mode again while Werdum works submissions from full guard. A few minutes of this pass, and Reem lets his guard down, which allows Werdum to gain wrist control and lock in a triangle. Reem struggles and struggles, but goes out cold, and the fight is stopped with less than a minute left in round 2.

Winner, Werdum via Triangle Round 2, 4:23

 did you sleep to about 1pm?

As long as they don't end up making love in your dream...

 slept till about 11 my time, which was an hour ago, and no, unfortunately this was not a matbattle dream smichal


 fuck, thats the wamma belt


Why do people make these threads?

So... I take it you watched Werdum vs Fedor last night, no?