Had a Realization…

Had a realization today. I’ve been kicking around this idea for a little while. It’s not easy but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an asshole.

I tend to point out inconsistencies, hypocrisies or inaccuracies where I see them, especially when someone is a self-righteous prick. The shit ppl whisper to their friends about another in secret, I generally say (not aggressively) to their face. I’m not particularly proud of this. I have an autistic, OCD-like need to do so. It’s more like an extreme confusion and a burning desire to clear up the perceived dissonance immediately. For example…

I have a friend who is particularly unreliable; almost aggressively flakey. He was bitching about another friend having no character and I couldn’t help it. I immediately saw red and brought up a baker’s dozen examples of where he didn’t do what he said he would.

Please allow me this one indulgence. I’ve had a couple drinks tonight. Eat my dick. In any case, any other assholes here?


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If a prime Eric Estrada is the measuring stick by which we measure fags…then, yes, I am a fag.

And he has a CCW in LA County. Prestigious.

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Just fucking with you man.

You are an asshole. But sometimes that’s the exact response necessary. As long as you can reign it in around grandma and your boss, I wouldn’t sweat it. I’m often an intentional asshole too and I don’t.

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So my 22yr old son calls because he’s fighting with his mother, who he lives with.

My answer, “she’s right, I don’t care what its about. Your 22 take care of yourself, make yourself happy.”

When my wife said that was harsh I just pointed out we have given the kid opportunity after opportunity that he thought he was better than.

He knows what needs done, so until he’s trying to do better I am an ice wall.

don’t call me complaining about exactly what I said would happen, when you ignored the advice to begin with.


We need assholes to keep people straight. Thanks for what you do.


Am I am asshole or are a huge amount of people a bunch of hypocritical babies?

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You’re an asshole.

Yeah you’re right.

I don’t feel like you’re an asshole. I’d rather have someone tell me the truth than lie to me trying not to hurt my feelings.

I hate it when my family members have not listened to a word of the advice I’ve given them over and over again. Then come and ask me for money, and when I point out that they never listened to anything I’ve ever told them so no I’m not giving them any money, they call me an asshole? I’m pissed off that I wasted my time even giving them advice.

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Nah, I don’t really think so. You fed me the alley-oop pass and I had to dunk it.

So you’re saying I got an assist? Nice!

i prefer the term “hetero-impaired”

I’m the same OP. Or used to be the same at least. It annoys me when I know somebody is obviously not saying the truth and would confront people immediately.

I think most of it stemmed from wanting others to understand and realize what is happening too. Then one day I realized that others understand everything too, they just choose not to say it, so I don’t need to say or point out anything, the others know already.

It still annoys me, but I realize that we live in the world of perception rather than cold hard truth.

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bit of a fail on my part, as i was responding to the erik estrada pic

That makes more sense. Saludos.