Had a stroke

Sitting in the hospital scared shitless. Posting on my Blackberry. shitles

wtf. get better.

sending positive vibrations of healing and serenity. The universe will heal

In good health. The docs say I have no risk factors. No idea what caused it. 37.

wow best of luck bro

Wow. Good luck, man

Get well man! Doesn't matter how old or how fit you are...shit sneaks up on you. Speedy recovery!

Wow...best wishes.

I wish you a Speedy recovery!

Hang in there. You survived the stroke and now you know about it so you and the docs can do everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen again.

From: smac1
Date: 12/14/07 12:37 AM

Sitting in the hospital scared shitless.

holds smac1's hand

Sorry to hear this. I would be scared, too. Keep us posted.


TTT sorry to hear that man.

Wow, scary stuff. Keep your spirits up and get better.

best wishes, bro

My friend had a stroke when he was 19, ended up having a hole in his heart or something. Best wishes.

For all people bitch around here this place has good friends when u need them.

Even got the jiu;jitsu sensation on my thread.

Man good luck with it. Said prayer for you.  Strokes can be god awefull....

Hope everything turns out all right, smac1.


"Your health does matter, actually. Not nessicarily on how fit you are, but how healthy you are."

Post more details or stfu, "Correcty McGee".



Even got the jiu jitsu sensation on my thread.

Lol, maintaining a sense of humor through all this?  You're hella tough.  Please keep us updated.  (and I had nothing to do with that poster)

Hope all is well. I'm curious about the details were you training, genetics and what were the signs?