Had anyone ever ran an RPG zombie apoc game?

With Shadowrun rules being used as a base? No (or very limited) cyberwear and decking. Just mainly used for the damage/skill system.

I'm thinking of doing it in the style of you getting bit and it's all over. Forcing players to be extremely careful with also allowing for skirmishes with other survivors.

Thoughts? Insights?

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I've been thinking about this recently using the D20 modern rule booms I've hardly used. One bite not necessarily meaning death but perhaps a time limit to find qualified surgeon or just take your chances to see if it heals or not. The latter gives the DM a chance to make a secret roll for the character and put the rest of the party on edge waiting to see if the infected suddenly bites out at them.

I'd be tempted to base it here in the UK where firearms and most other weapons are more difficult to obtain.

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