Had corrective eye surgery AMA

Not Lasik as my eyes were too bad, so I got something called ICL:

Basically an implanted lens. Can be removed so it is reversible though my surgeon said she’s never reversed one. For an idea of how bad my eyes were:

Right (OD) -8.75 -2.5
Left (OS) -9.25 -3.0 166°
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I want to get this too, my eyes are similar with a good amount of astigmatism, they only recently started making the ICLs for astigmatism so I have been considering it now.

How is your vision so far?

The one thing that is still putting me off, is the idea that lots of people still get a bit of touch up lasik to get perfect vision, I don’t want lasik, I won’t get it.

How much?

are you going to change your screen name to Fake_Eye?

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Is this anything like getting lens implants as the result of cataract surgery, because I’ve been through that.

That’s right. I first went 5 years ago and the FDA hadn’t approved the toric lenses yet. They started doing them in the US a few years ago (had been done in Canada for a while) so once they got a few tens of thousands done I went back.

They hadn’t mentioned touch up lasik as an option. I am not sure how that would work with the ICL there in the eye. My vision so far is 20/25 which is pretty good considering what it was before. It may still get better but even if it doesn’t, it was worth it to me.

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I’ve heard it varies but I paid 4k per eye. So quite a bit more expensive than Lasik. Save up your HSA if you have one.

Yes, it is very similar to cataract surgery is what they told me.

Good job Mr. Magoo, Esq.

In that case, I had it done two years ago. The lens in my right eye rotated and required a second surgery to put it back in place. I had to deal with fucked up vision for two months as the dr told me, “you are healing, it’ll get better.”

I went with the tri-focal lenses and see better now than I ever did in my life. Low light sucks, and I have to wear reading glasses to read my phone in the dark. I’m also sensitive to sunlight now, and bright headlights bug the fuck out of me.

If you haven’t already I suggest getting some good sunglasses. I wear Costa Turrets now and feel they help with the light sensitivity.

So did it take your prescription completely down to plano in both eyes?

I’d be happy with 20/25.

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I bought some nice polarized Ray Bans first thing. Since I’ve never been able to wear real sunglasses it was one of the first things I wanted.

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20/25 so far. I don’t think most people wear glasses for that but it isn’t perfect to be clear. I definitely can’t read the text on a street sign at 50 yards as well as I could with my glasses but I’ll still take it.

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Yeah I defiintely would too. To go from your rx down to not needed glasses is pretty impressive.

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How bad was your vision? Did you always wear glasses before or has your eyesight deteriorated with age? (Sorry, I have no idea what those numbers mean.)

Congrats on being able to see again! I always had 20/20 vision until a few years ago when I developed presbyopia. I never realized how annoying vision problems are. I really should start bringing readers to the grocery store because I can’t read shit anymore and it sucks.

Have worn glasses or contacts since I was 7. Stopped even trying contacts anymore since around my 20s when the prescription got so strong they were painful to wear–still wore them for scuba diving though as no choice.

I was completely unable to function without glasses. Worse than 20/400 which I think is at about -4 (mine is -9 but it isn’t a straight translation). Not only could I not read the big E, I couldn’t even tell you it was a letter or really even know that something was there other than I obviously knew because of context.

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Good for you!