Had Pettis vs Aldo ever happened.....

So had the Pettis vs. Aldo fight ever actually happened, what is everyone's thoughts now? I remember it being fairly split on opinions of who would win. I said back I thought Pettis wins. Aldo is close to him in athleticism and has some crispy clean striking himself. Aldo uses many legs kicks to set up his punches, while Anthony primarily kicks to the body and then. I would still love that fight, but mainly because I want to see Aldo get beat.

I think Pettis wins. Would for sure buy this Ppv Phone Post 3.0

Pettis Phone Post 3.0

L Aldo is literally always counted out.

Not sure, but the fans win for sure Phone Post 3.0

Aldo would have won. Still would. Phone Post 3.0

I dunno if pettis handle it when Aldo goes ghetto bit either way, my penis wins Phone Post

Pettis has a good chance,
id say pettis has recently showed to be one of the most technical strikers around, hes almost untouchable on the feet, and could very well take aldo out

but if aldo gets off enough leg kicks that changes everything, and not to mention he is also one of the best strikers around, and is also quite unpredictable and wild when he wants to be.

honestly tho i think id be favouring Aldo in that fight, it depends what the size difference is when they actually get in the cage, but Aldo really knows how to win, and is extremely hard to beat at this point in his career.

hes just so smart in there and now that he fights alot more technical alot of the time its going to make it even harder for someone to beat him

but pettis is only getting better and by the time that fight happens who knowswhere they will be, aldo has been going strong for years now and pettis is just getting started Phone Post 3.0

Pettis couldn't make weight so he got "injured" Phone Post 3.0

Legit super fight IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Pettis Phone Post 3.0

Aldo wrecks him. I think Edgar would beat him too. Phone Post 3.0

Probably the best matchup in the sport. Phone Post 3.0