Had side effects from prescribed drugs today

Indomethacin. It is used for gout treatment. I took it for the first time before work today. Driving in to work I felt weird. Woozie, dizzy, and considered pulling over but I was almost there. I thought I was having a fucking heart attack. We have an on-site clinic at my office so I went in at 655AM. BP was 179/120. Luckily the doctor was in so I had two nurse practitioners and a doctor on call watching me for two hours as my blood pressure went down. The only concern was blood pressure. I was hydrated, oxygen at 98, pulse was a little low, but it always has been. 

Anyway, it was pretty crazy, and I have never experienced anything like that. I have been foggy as shit all day and have gone and had my BP checked multiple times today. Not sure where I was going with that but it was scary as shit. I didn't realize how awesome our on-site clinic was either, they were awesome (and free). My primary care doc still hasn't called me back and it has been 7 hours since I first put a call in to his office. The on-site clinic has called numerous times and is all worried about me. My gout is killing me, but so are the meds. Fuck. 

I will be getting my blood pressure checked daily and if it isn't going down I am going to have to do something. Note, I have been eating super clean so it isn't diet right now, it was that fucking medecine. 

That's all. 

FRAT, sorry to hear about your anal leakage.

just because theyre prescribed doesnt mean theyre going to be good for you

mihow -

What happened to the cherry?

The Cherry helps, but I am still having this ongoing gout issue. The doc is prescribing prednizone to try and knock out the gout I am experiencing and hopefully the alpurinol will take over from there. The BP spike sucks as I have been eating so well lately this is the last thing I would expect. 

Careful with Prednisone bro. I legit thought I was having a nervous breakdown about 3 days in. Not joking.