Had to put our dog down today

Fuck me I'm sad as shit. I haven't cried in years but this morning when we put our Lab Gracie to sleep I couldn't help myself. She was a great friend and has been with my wife and I since we got married. Cancer is a motherfucker!

Did not think I would take it this hard.

Anyways for all of you out there who have made the tough call to put your pet to sleep, I finally understand. Phone Post 3.0

that's terrible, i'm sure you gave her a wonderful life.

Sorry to hear that. It is a horrible but often necessary thing to do. I tried to think about life without our dog the other day, and was in bits when it was just theoretical. Can't even imagine how hard it will be when it's for real.

Hope you are doing OK.

Thats so sad man. I'm sorry for your loss, i had to put down a pet for the same reason and man did i cry. Time will help and remember how great im sure you were to him. Phone Post 3.0

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Sorry to hear that , buy a puppy. Phone Post

does this have to get said in every put my dog down thread. could you just have handled not having your stupid post be seen?

Condolences, that shits rough.

Sorry man, best wishes to you through this time Phone Post 3.0

I'm sorry brother. Thats a very hard thing to go through. It'll be a rough couple days, you will feel better. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear you lost a good friend and companion. Remember the good times. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys for all the kind words. It's really crazy how much a family member they become. Phone Post 3.0

LibraryCard - When my dog had a stroke a week after my cat I broke down worse than I ever have in my life. We had put down my cat a day or two earlier, this was during the China animal food recall. When I discovered my dog lying on the floor googily eyed with puke and piss all over the place I lost it. We kept her for another
few weeks but ended up putting her down.

A ton of tough shit happened that summer but I kept it together until that moment. Cried hysterically for 2 days non stop and was numb for awhile.

Just remember the good times you gave your dog, I'm sure you were a great pet owner.

Was angry and confused by how they both had strokes at the same time but the vet said it was a coincidence and we didn't have the right recalled brand. Still have doubts about poisoning or something shady though. What i do know is we gave them a great life so in that I found closure. Phone Post
That's horrible shit man. Sorry to hear that Phone Post 3.0

That sucks I feel your pain mate. Stay strong Phone Post

I had to put my neighbor's dog down yesterday

I had to put down my dog a couple of months ago. What made it worse, he was only 4.5 years old. He got pug encephalitis. He went through a week long period where he kept having bad seizurs. He eventually went blind and lost all feeling in his legs. We tried everything we could and spent over 3 grand at the vet trying to get him better. It was the most heartbreaking thing ever.

Phone Post 3.0

My condolensces to you. Truly one of the hardest things to do in life is to end the life of a creature that loved you unconditionally. Phone Post

I am so sorry Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss. I dread the day, which I know is close at hand, that we lose our boy who is 12 years old. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss bro.

RIP Gracie Phone Post 3.0

Been there,I know how you feel.

Sorry for your loss. Phone Post 3.0