Had to Work With a Child Molester Today

My cousin has a landscaping business, and I help out as a kind of assistant manager. I do some of the dirty work if its necessary but mainly just watch and direct the Mexicans. Well last week we’re in the office and this weirdo comes in looking for a job.

Guy has an oversized Sacramento Kings jersey of Mike Bibby, its like dude you havent updated your wardrobe in like 15 years? Hes a white guy and we tell him everyone else we employ is Hispanic, and he starts rambling about how hes a hard worker cause he moved rocks to a fire pit yestersay. Uh ok.

Eventually it comes out he needs this job cause hes a registered sex offender and no one will hire him. He literaly started crying and kept repeating “he said he was 18”, I was ready to chunk this freak out the door but my cousin shocked me and hired the chomo cause he’d accept less than mininum wage under the counter.

Today was his first day and as if he doesnt fit in enough, hes wearing this weird ass open chest purple shirt that looks like hes been in a pirate fight. Everyone is very creeped out. The guy was a shit worker. We had to lay fake grass in with 6 inch nails and he kept screwing it up and driving it sideways?

Like is it that hard bro? At lunch one of the Mexican’s wife came with tamales, a nice lady but seriously obese, huge thunder thighs that always stick together. New guy was staring at her like he fell in love, everyone was cracking up and nicknamed him Gordo lover.

We ran up having to work an hour past quitting time, and I tried to bust his balls and say after 5:30 he has to keep working for free. He just looked down sheepishly and said ok, LOL!

We are gonna fire his feak ass tomorrow. I did take a picture of the guy so you know to keep children an obese Mexican women away if you see him. What a freak!


You Worked by yourself, then.


Fucking your 18 yr old sister doesn’t count as a child molester op sorry


I laughed hard at Gordo lover, did you get that guy because the school self-awareness closed down?

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Wow pedoslice is now calling other people kiddie lovers. Fuck off pedoslice!


Your new co-worker has kind eyes and a nice smile.

Hubba Hubba.



Oh, and thread is mean spirited. For shame, Cheesecake…


stopped reading at assistant landscaping manager… hahahaaa


All in good fun!

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You know that he’s taking a selfie, right ,right


Nah, he’s a fun guy. He’s all up in me DM’s like Jolie. He’s having fun, I’m having fun. We’re all having fun!
episode 8 GIF by South Park



would have probably worked if you didnt say you took a pic of the guy when its obvious from the pic that he is taking a selfie of himself. what ever happened to gordo from this site?.he made the greatest romoshops


All he wanted was a Pepsi…just one Pepsi.

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Lawn care consultant.

Ol Jeff Bozo looking ass

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Can you ask Gordo lover to grow back that beautiful stache???

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