Had to worry about HD space today

Yes, for the first time in probably over two years, I was concerned about hard drive space.

74 GB Raptors x2

250 GB Maxtor 8mb IDE x2

200 GB Maxtor SATA x2

160 GB Western Digital 8mb IDE

120 GB Western Digital 8mb IDE

80 GB Western Digital 8mb IDE

1.4 TB on my network and I was sweating because I had to unpack a 4 GB XBox game I dowloaded. No shit. It seems like a lot, but I bet you could fill it up too if you had it. Of course, I could probably clear up 200 GB or so if I got rid of some of the crap floating around, but I'm a packrat when it comes to media.

heh, I need to get an emp device near your house and see your reaction :)

Dayum, and I thought I was bad with 400 gigs and it's almost all full, in fact I"m waiting for a "rebate" it's not a cash rebate but a store credit rebate and I'm using it to buy a new hard drive cause I'm gettnig pretty full as it is and I want to put it in a new computer. Yeah, I know what you mean about being a pack rat, I save everything. Software I'll eventually throw out but just about everything else that comes onto my hard drive stays on my hard drive

I have a full 200 gig drive, and my 80 gig on my powerbook is almost full. I do have a DVD burner though, that could clear up some space. I have another 200 gig drive in my windows box at home. I shouldn't have left it in there, I should have gotten another USB enclosure.

ferox is correct. I don't really "need" 99% of the shit that I have on there.

Bring it on, fin... I've got offsite storage. (e.g. 16 gmail accounts..lol)

My problem is that I have too much stuff to backup. How the hell am I supposed to backup 1.4 TB? Hmm...I could burn 300 DVDs. No thanks. I could buy 3 more computers and load them to the hilt with hard drives. No thanks. There are network solutions, like rackmount servers and NAS...but that is so ridiculous. I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars.

I have so many hard drives, I'm not really worried about it. If one of them fails, it's not that big of a loss compared to the total, plus I have all of my important stuff backed up anyway. My boot drives are separate from my archives in case of an OS failure.

I have a whopping 6 gig drive...

I have a 250 and an 80. The 80 is full and stays full. The 250 gets formatted once in a while and never really comes close to being filled up.