Hagler vs. Hearns

Great fight - possibly the best first round ever



Any Hagler fight is great, but that one defined the man.

Anybody have a download of the Hagler/Mugabi fight?

great fight. another was Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguella(sp).

Hagler was an animal and was a great boxer.

one of the all time best

thx for posting that.

Great fight!Havent watched that in a long time.

Hagler got seriously screwed in that Leonard fight.

I was waiting for the Leonard/Hagler post. Leonard won on rounds...

"great fight. another was Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguella(sp)."

Pryor destroyed him (too bad Arguella seemed like a cool guy).

Was Hagler ever knocked down, or even rocked, in his entire career?

Hagler was floored by Juan Roldan. Wasn't seriously hurt, but was down early in the fight. Stopped him the 10th or so.


Hagler was awesome.  Boxing is real shit now.

Emanual Steward blames leg massages for Hearns's loss.  He claims it ruined his legs.  I think Hagler ruined Hearns's legs by punching him in the face.

My dad was at that fight.

I'll get the stub from him some day

Marvin is second only to Sugar Ray Robinson, barely.

yep ,i watched that one at the LA sports arena on the big screen ,what a fight.thanks it brought back memories

another, Greg Hougan vs. Ray Mancini Vinny Pazienza