I want to get an architectural representation of the Hot/Crazy Girl Matrix that dude did on video LOL.

If someone can do a legit representation of that we are in busine$$$!

Dont remember making this LOL. Great idea though! Phone Post 3.0

1000 posts easy. If you make it, they will come. You've made the thread. Now, we wait. More are coming. Phone Post 3.0

That is pretty optimistic MrFluffyHippo. Phone Post 3.0

Here's what you do...

Get yourself drunk. Pretty drunk but not blackout drunk. Draw the graph you want on a napkin with a sharpie or a crayon. Take it to a tattoo shop and get that shit done. You will hunchy bird 2.0, and the people will come. Phone Post 3.0

Thats not a terrible idea! Phone Post 3.0

Did someone say hunchy graph?!? Phone Post 3.0