Haha! I'm back into comics!

Just got back from the comic shop. I've been out of it for about 11 months and decided to start to catch up. I picked up:

last two Hulks, last 2 Daredevils, last 2 Xmen books, Walking Dead, last 2 Spawn, New Avengers.

There are a lot of new Marvel books lol.

any other book suggestions?

Cable & Deadpool is really good.

Birds of Prey, the Gail Simone run (you can check out the "Sensei and Student" or "Of Like Minds" in trade paperback)

Blade of the Immortal (numerous trade paperbacks)

Batman: Hush (collected in hardcover and paperback)

You have to pick up identity crisis and marvel knights wolverine, enemy of the state arc.

What's the Identity Disk series?

Also, I saw a lot of new titles from Marvel. Rogue, Gambit, Strange - are these all perm. titles?

What's the Identity Disk series?

I bunch of crap that Marvel threw together hoping people would buy instead of DC's stellar Identity Crisis

The plot is a bunch of villians are blackmailed into stealing a disc that contains the secret identity of various Marvel heros....

Ok, gotcha ;)

I've never read any DC titles, so is it easy to get into the Identity Crises? What's going on in that?

I've never read any DC titles, so is it easy to get into the Identity Crises? What's going on in that?

I didn't have any trouble with Identity Crisis and I'm not a DC guy. I found it to be very accessable as a murder/mystery.

Basically, someone is murdered and the heros of the DC Universe scramble to figure things out, and in the process of the investigation come all sorts of major revelations.

It's highly recommended, but I'd wait until a trade paperback is published. (I have a feeling that you'll pay quite a bit to get the individual issues)

Ah, ok. What about the new Marvel titles? Are those gonna be new series or just a short run?

although i detest what marvel did on identity disc (capitalizing on hoped-confusion of identity crisis and their title), if you look beyond that and did not really expect anything tremendous, it was a pleasant read for me.

dc vertigo - y the last man, fables

dc/wildstorm - planetary - pick up the tpb's, you really should start from the beginning

marvel max - punisher, supreme power

the new marvel titles may be a "retro-active mini-series", i.e., it's ongoing now, but if sales suck, it will be cancelled just like that and retro-actively called a mini :-)

I quit reading Fables after about issue 24. I just got tired of it. I picked up a few issues of Y, but never really got into it for some reason. Any other Vertigo titles that are relatively new?

Hey - is the Marvel Max just the Mature Readers line? Is it a spinoff of Marvel Knights?

it's not spinoff i think, or maybe it is, same Marvel Universe, but max is the adult label for the content and language.

Trigger is science fiction and looks interesting. #1 just came out and it's vertigo.

dc - dial h of hero - i heard good things about this, but i haven't read it yet - sooo behind in my reading; superman batman

image - invincible written by robert kirkman who writes the walking dead (2 diff genres) - both are highly recommended usually

Thanks for the suggestions, bro.

np - let me know how they are, er, i'm waaaay behind in my reading of most of them LOL

Here's Pop Culture Shock's Best mainstream comics of 2004

Check out the reviews, you may find something you like

thanks for the link. my gf just started reading ultra - she loves it

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a kind-hearted geekgrounder (GGer), pls copy and paste. a big tia!

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of this I’d like to make one thing clear. The only comics I see on a regular basis are the ones I buy so if my list of the best of 2004 seems limited it is. So since I buy mainly super hero books what follows, after a brief overview of some trends and happenings is what I feel were the best super hero series of the year out of the ones that I purchase. So please keep that in mind while reading and if any of you regular PCS visitors wondered why my reviews seemed limited to a core of the same books, now you know why and if any of you publishers (this means you DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc.) would like your books reviewed by this site I’m ready and able to review any books that come my way. Now on to what I liked (and didn’t) in 2004.

DC learned a valuable lesson from the 12 issue Batman Hush series and that was if Jim Lee draws it they (the buying public) will come. So this year Lee was the artist for the main Superman title and lo and behold he drew it and they came. DC also learned raping and killing secondary characters sold quite well, too and cashed in big with “Identity Crisis” which had a lot to recommend it right up until the final issue wherein it gave in to all its worse impulses and implications. In my book “Green Lantern Rebirth” is well on its way to surpassing IC as the mini series of the year.

The Batman books were involved in the huge “War Games” crossover that was very near to pointless even for a crossover. The Bat-books actually were on a bit of a crossover roll having experienced varying degrees of success with “No Man’s Land,” “Officer Down,” and “Bruce Wayne: Murder/Fugitive.” “War Games” broke the streak by stemming from a concept that was never big or ambitious enough for a twenty some part story scanning eight titles. Almost as a reflection on the futility of the crossover is the fact that two of the main Batman books currently are featuring major stories that are pre-War games.