haha, Mesi = WBC #1

Mesi ranked WBC #1!

The WBC has placed unbeaten heavyweight "Baby Joe" Mesi atop the list of contenders vying to challenge heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko. The new top ten looks like this: 1) Joe Mesi; 2) Juan Carlos Gomez; 3) James Toney; 4) Hasim Rahman; 5) Henry Akinwande; 6) Jameel McCline; 7) David Tua; 8) Mike Tyson; 9) Monte Barrett; 10) Davarryl Williamson.

what a weak list.

lol, well honestly, he deserves it more than Byrd, Tua, Rahman, Barrett, or Guinn. So I guess i have no real problem with it

Maybe they know something we don't? Maybe Joe went back in time with his Flux Capacitor? I've only seen JCG once, I wouldn't rate him number 2 off that, but he seemed decent. I would like to see a lot of these guys fight each other

Mesi's chin seems fine until he gets tired

I thought that Mesi was going to have to retire.

what can you realy say about that that hasn't been said before. I think almost everyone on this forum in some part of their mind thinks they could beat Mesi, maybe 1 out of 100, but still. My friend's cousin is married to Jameel McCline and I met him briefly once. I could not imagine trying to box with him. He's large, way large.