HAHAHA Dave and Busters MMA clowns

So I'm up at Dave and Busters Friday night with my wife. We're eating some food, playing some games etc... Well everywhere I look...AFFLICTION SHIRTS...TAPOUT SHIRTS etc... NOW...mind you, I had to drive two counties away to get there and the Dave and Busters is in a county known to have weird fuckers everywhere.

So I'm walking around, playing games and looking at all of these people with their chests out acting like they are all that and a bag of chips with their tattoos and shit. So i look over at my wife and say loudly LOOK AT ALL OF THESE PUSSY ASS MMA FIGHTERS HONEY! My wife starts laughing, these clowns are lookin' like they are ready to kill a brutha but then again, realized they probably couldn't and their toughness went about as deep as that layer of shirt they were wearing.

I saw a few trying to pick up women using the line they were MMA fighters. My wife couldn't help but ask them where they trained. Amazing...couldn't answer that one. Wife cockblocked one of them and told the chick the guy was a nobody.

OH I need to make that a normal Friday night hahaha. Good times.

It's amazing to me...70's everyone was a blackbelt with registered hands, 80's everyone was a SEAL, 90's everyone was a pro wrestler and today everyone's an MMA fighter but what things do all of those decades have in common? These fuckers still can't get laid.


 We all need to wear shirts to Dave and Busters that say "I AM A GREEN NAME".

Now thats legit!

Kansas City man...They are all douches. Even if they are MMA fighters they aren't GOOD by any means. Everyone knows a guy with a 7-0 record that ONLY fights locally is being protected here. First time he's out of the area BAM...loses

Green name, now that would be something...I might need to get that made up and wear it hahaha.

Nah, I'm retired but it's amazing to me that all of these idiots are using everything the rest of us, including you, have done in this sport, for this sport to wear a shirt and throw a "i'll tap dat ass" line out there.

i realize those guys you described are fucks, but why did you feel the need to call them out publicly?

Kinetsu Hayabusa - i realize those guys you described are fucks, but why did you feel the need to call them out publicly?

 cuz its fun

I was feeling froggy and it was just absolutely sickening. I'm talking damn near everyone I saw was in an affliction shirt or a tapout shirt, tattoos etc... Was it a pussy ass bitch convention that I must have stumbled upon? Fuck, I don't even own a tapout shirt, affliction shirt etc... never have

Tackle knows the score... I love to watch a fucker stumble.

I had a chick in the office one day bring by her "MMA FIGHTER" boyfriend while I was sitting at the computer. I let him ramble on about what he's done in the sport WHILE I'm typing him into the databases...funny...NOTHING AT ALL. Can't find shit at all on this guy.

I finally tell her, in front of him that he's a liar, he's never fought, he shows up on no database (which is possible, she doesn't know that though). He gets pissed, leaves to "wait for her in the car". She drops him shortly thereafter. OOPS

i can understand that you would be upset with those who are frauds in your industry, and i can respect that

even still, it seems like you are going the extra mile

Goddamnit I hate fake fighters.

If the guys didn't think they were MMA fighters, why would they be upset about it? It seems to be a within the bounds to yell such things. I probably would have engaged them in conversation individually and gotten my laughs that way rather than yelling, but your way seems fun too. I'm just a conversational, quiet dude.

Kinetsu Hayabusa - i realize those guys you described are fucks, but why did you feel the need to call them out publicly?

I train somewhat and really don't care too much about MMA posers, but even as far from a real fighter as I am I still see it as offensive and disrespectful. They're defiling the sanctity of martial arts and bending the public's perception of what MMA is. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I actually fought and trained full time pouring my blood and sweat into being the best martial artist I could be when some douchebag who spends 50 bucks for a T-shirt thinks he could be equal. Especially when all they're doing is making the social scene think all mixed martial artists are these posturing jack ass fag-tards.

I'm usually pretty quiet, it just hit me the wrong way and I was feeling froggy.

inf0 - It's funny to see these same guys at the gym.. I've seen dudes doing super man punches on the heavybag.. now that's fucking funny.... (right after Irvin ko'd somebody with one)

I also laugh at the guys working out in their affliction t's... my god the toughness.. I bet it adds 50lbs to their curls.

I'll add another annoyance, guys hitting the bag with MMA gloves, add a few points if they're UFC brand.

Oh, and the reason I would engage them in conversation is that some (a few, if most of them were actually claiming to already be fighters) of the guys aren't really douchebags. They are just future gym members who will learn the error of their ways when we lovingly mock that clothing style at the gym. Then I stride away in velcro shoes after practice.

I'm so self-conscious about coming off as one of those TUF douches that I try to keep the fact that I train a secret.

See and in public, I don't go CLAIMING to be anything at all but the average guy...then the cape pops out and I'm SUPER DOUCHE CALLER OUTER

I wear my TapouT, and Sinister shit out in public.

I don't give a flying fuck if someone thinks I'm a poser, I have never fought and have never claimed to have.

I am a MMA fan and love talking fights with people, I just think that a lot of guy's on here are so elitist and think that wearing clothes that advertise MMA is a bad or douchebag thing. It's bullshit, More people that get into MMA can only be a good thing for you green namers. It means more money and opportunities for you.

I can understand if the guy's wearing the shit are loud, obnoxious and lying just to get laid though, I guess it would piss me off also if fighting was my profession. Just remember not everyone you see wearing the shit are liars and morons. Some people just want to support what YOU do.

Oh man, you aren't getting the whole point here. I have nothing against fans wearing the clothing. What I do have something against is fans acting like badasses, making claims etc...and wearing the clothing. You and I could sit at a bar and carry on a convo for hours probably and be just fine. NOW...in walks the guy that feels the need to cross his arms, bare all of his tats and get up in your grill as he's talking to you.

See the difference in that?