HAHAHAHA! Judge Grants Trump Request To Appoint Special Master For Mar-A-Laga Break In!

The Jig is up!

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Objective facts hurt your feelings to the point you had to use a censorship tapout button.

This is the new radical right.

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Memes? Every news org in the world is reporting on this latest failure on the part of the Trump Crime family:

You believe TGP to be factual, which is a blog that is categorically fake news.



The judge Trump requested is the same person that green lit the Carter Page FISA warrant.

Celebrate the FISA judge appointment years after hating him. Hate Barr and Bolton years after loving him.

lol @ the same people constantly getting played by daddy Trump. It’s a cult.


That’s just the expected Trump Cult go-to defense mechanism kicking in. Whenever something happens they can’t handle - in most cases just simple reality/the truth - “DEEP STATE!!!”

And adding that Dearie is a “hack” just cements it. Better get yourself a box of tissues because it’s going to be long fall and winter of really bad news for MAGA World.


Lol, I didn’t do that. At least not on purpose, but embarrassing nonetheless. How do make it unprivate?

That has nothing to do with this. I’m talking about censoring you not myself. I won’t put you on ignore if you just be a big boy and post screenshots of tweets instead tweet links. It clogs up threads and you can’t see the tweet without clicking off-site. Curation isn’t censorship, I like to see other members opinions, just not 30 blank Twitter links in a row.

jesus fucking christ you’re retarded. the governement already admit to taking shit that wasnt even on the warrant.

wrong tard. trump has always surrounded himself with deep state lawyers, including fucking Barre, who’s always been a deep state hack. he got his start running cover for poppy bush in the cia.

he surronds himself with deep state hacks because his advisers he picks are deep state hacks.

biggest flaw trump has

Uhh it’s embedding the full tweet fine for me when I’m logged in and when I’m logged out (in a private/incognito tab). What are you using to view the forums?

You’re correct in that he surrounds himself with hacks, but that’s because the adults in the room won’t coddle him with delusional fantasies. Giuliani, Powell, Patel, Easton, Clark and now the news that he was led to believe he could keep all the documents he stole by a non-lawyer.

“Some of Mr. Trump’s advisers, including informal ones such as Tom Fitton, of the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch, have told the former president that he could hold onto the documents as personal records, according to people briefed on their discussions.”

Go look up Fitton and add his name to the list of hacks.

So Trump decided to stop turning stuff over to the National Archives and here we are.

But “Deep State”? No. Just incompetence (His first round of classified documents lawyers), conspiratards (Powell) mixed in with grifters (Giuliani, Bannon) all taking advantage of an insecure, gullible infant who only listens to those who tell him what he wants to hear.

Stop trying to justify Trump’s actions by claiming there’s some massive conspiracy against him. Your Deep State idiocy is just grade school-level deflection to try and take the blame off Trump for his actions.

Fitton is good at filing FOIA requests.

That’s about it.

They got him now guys! Any day now!